• Are you having good-safety days in the special 
    social distancing - stay at home - quarantine era?
    Nice to announce about a new compilation 'Stay in bed' 
    that I've joined. Feeling so honored to be a part of 
    these beautiful-relaxed-comfy lists. 
    You can listen to it on soundcloud or bandcamp. 
    links are below. 
    Please take care of us, love our body to mind more and more 
    all the way home!
  • My new solo album NUUNMUUN has released on Oct.16th 2019.
    "Cha utilises her daegeum with an assuredness throughout Nuunmuun. 
    She knows its capacity for evocative expression is endless." 
    - WIRE 2019 Rewind / Joshua Minsoo Kim 
    Order available via Bandcamp
last update : May / 02 / 2020