Sumuk Garden (2013)

Seungmin Cha in Sumuk* Garden

 premiered in 2013

 Synopsis :

  Daegeum performer and composer Seungmin Cha had long wished to compose   music to Seoknam Jang’s series of poems, “Sumuk Garden.” However, after a three-year struggle in finding from within the right music for his poetry, she finally thought one night before falling asleep that perhaps she should meet the poet in person. Upon opening her eyes, she found herself in a Sumuk garden. Her journey had begun: the journey of meeting, through his poetry, the poet himsef in his Sumuk Garden.

*traditional Korean black ink used in calligraphy brush painting.. Also known as Indian ink


Poems written by Seoknam Jang
Music written by Seungmin Cha
Vocal : Park Minhee, Heeyoung Kim and Jen Shyu
Gayageum : Yeonkyeong Oh |Soundscape : Kanghee Choi
Guitar : Hyunjong Yoon | Dance : Jinwon Park | Daegeum, Reading : Seungmin Cha
Planning : Seungmin Cha
Directing : Asher Jeon
Sound design : Cheolhee Kang | Stage design : Asher Jeon | Lighting design : Asher Jeon