Alleyway Fantasy (2015)

Shiro (詩路, “Poetic road”)Second Album “Alleyway Fantasy “

 Shiro has been writing music with beautiful poems to find exciting combination ofmusic and literature. After 4 years since their 1st album, “What flowerwants to say”, they release their 2ndalbum, “Alleyway Fantasy.” Seungmin Cha (leader and Daegum) hasworked with poems of poets such as Sowol Kim, Jiyong Jung, Ahnjin Yu, Je Im,Heinrich Heine, Sihwa Ryu, etc. Their 2ndalbum “Alleyway Fantasy” isan album made with old colleagues Yeonkyeong Oh (Gayageum), Heeyoung Kim(Jung-ga, Min-yo), and newly added Taehun Lee (Guitar). With differentbackgrounds, the members formed a band and worked with sentimental poems of SeoknamJang and bold/jaunty poems of Yiyeob Jang. They went from traditional Koreanmusic to experimental and indie music to record their own take on alleyways andsucceeded in creating 10 tracks for the 2nd album.


01 What does the winter say as it passes by(inst)
02 The path
03 The butterfly lives there
04 Walking in Mullaedong
05 Mountain village
06 Chebudong Sangryoungsan
07 I am
08 Distance
09 Good moment
10 What does the winter say as it passes by