Alleyway Fantasy – around a street corner (2016)

The band Shiro says, not sure since when but, they started to see “alleyways” and they wanted to take a walk on them. On alleyways where so many stories travel across, Shiro wanted to meet everyone living on alleyways. So they walked on alleyways while reading poems, writing music, and making videos of alleyways. With these, they had a showcase last fall in which their poems, music, and videos all came together.

Shiro’s journey continued in 2015 and they gathered, recorded music . Finally they released 3rd album ‘Alleyway Fantasy 2 – Around A Street Corner’ in 2016.

Shiro introduces 3rd album as a musical journal of what they found when they walked around a street corner. The album is constited of music based on 10 poems; ‘New Spring’ by Jiha Kim, in which they captured alleyways around Danginri power plant during late cherry blossom season, ‘Where The Pond Was’ by Jang Seok Nam on Oksu-dong redevelopment zone, ‘Just Kept Going Around’ by Yi Won in collaboration with a rock band walking in Hongdae alleyways, ‘Where The Chair Is’ by Jang Yiyeop on redevelopment area in Myeonmokdong, and more.