NYC archive_Trip in progress (2017)

It’s always great to play with wonderful musicians and dancers in NYC!

20170926_Seungmin Cha x Miyoko Satoh

My improvisation set with a healer, singing bawl artist Miyoko Satoh was full of stillness, healing and brightness. It was a real meditation indeed. We were in somewhere beyond somewhere.

20170917_Seungmin Cha x Devin Grey x Henry Fraser

Oh my god, Thank you for being such a bad ass!
Daegeum: Seungmin Cha / Drum: Devin Grey / Bass: Henry Fraser

20170915_Stillness in Queens_Seungmin Cha x JunYi Chow x Karen Y. Chan

Live music improvisation by JunYi Chow and Seungmin Cha
STILLNESS IN QUEENS is an experimental video and sound art performance exploring the beauty and quietude of everyday life in Queens. Audience members are invited to experience the borough in a new way, and an evening of stillness, by engaging in a multi-dimensional dialogue between video and sound. The performance provides an accessible space for deep contemplation on the complexities of Queens within the simplicity of stillness. This event is made possible in part by funding from Queens Council on the Arts.

Thank you Lucid culture for an amazing review of us!!! :

20170831_Seungmin Cha @ Soup & Sound

What a night I had. I was so full with great music and wonderful Sundubu Jjigae! Thank you musician friends for sharing your beautiful souls!! Thank you Andrew for organizing, hosting soup and sound!!

20170812_Seungmin Cha x Ami Yamasaki duo

Had a great surreal moment with amazing Ami Yamasaki. Thank you Oren for the wonderful supporting and hospitality all the time. It’s always happy and nice to perform at The Owl Music Parlor! Thank you friends for coming!!

20170810_Seungmin Cha x Marc Hannaford Jam session

How beautiful piano of Marc Hannford!

20170809_Seungmin Cha x Andrew Drury x Tomeka Reid Jam session

Wonderful Andrew Drury(Drum) and Tomeka Reid(Cello)

20170722_Seungmin Cha x Peter Evans Jam session

Great gathering and playing music with Peter Evans.

20170625_Liminality_Like a Buddha

A tune work in progress for my last performance which will be held  on Oct. 1st. I’m going to improvise Daegeum on this iron soundscape featured by Alain Kirili who is a sculptor. Original poem is “239th Chorus” Written by Jack Kerouac.  Alain Kirili read the poem and made sound by hitting his sculpture. Recording and Sound arrangement by Seungmin Cha

20170623_Seungmin Cha x Devin Grey Jam session

The first improv. session happened in 2011. Such a wonderful reunion after 6 years

20170610_Dance Performance_TRAVELLER



Had wonderful moments with these dancers who are also ACC grantees.

20170530_Seungmin Cha x JunYi Chow Jam Session

Currently working together under the theme of Dialogue.

Upcoming events with JunYi on

July 20th @ The Owl Music Parlor (497 Rogers Ave Brooklyn)

September 15th “Stillness in Queens” @ Flushing Town Hall with JunYi Chow and visual artist Karen Y. Chan