Seungmin Cha – Nuunmuun LP⁣

A steady point of focus⁣
A meditative state⁣
An abstract energy⁣
A perpetual flow⁣
A new perspective⁣

This is an album about consciousness expanding toward awareness of self. Focusing on a single point for long enough that you dive into it and come out on the other side, tapping yourself on the shoulder from behind. Think of it as circumnavigating your reality and washing up on a foreign shore that is familiar, yet entirely new. That has been this artist’s voyage as she made her way through her musical evolution, and this record is that foreign shore.⁣

We are proud to present Seungmin Cha’s first solo release “Nuunmuun”, which translates to “Eye Gate”. Step through the portal and into the parallel universe of this singular artist.⁣


Pre-order available via Bandcamp & Chez Emile records